Scouring the globe for Fish Out Of Water Headlines. Here’s the formula-

  • You take a typical archetype or topic and
  • contrast it with something out of its typical value range ( for shock, and the mind tends to follow.)

These kinds of headlines engage the brain to force meaning of two contrasting items.

I call these Nun on a Harley Headlines. They grab attention like crazy. Check these out-

Monk Leaves Heavy Metal Rock Band 11/15/09

4 Year Old Takes Mom’s Car for Midnight Spin

10 Year Old Goes to College

UnKnowing Twins Marry Each Other

Actress Turned Nun Revisits Hollywood

Driver Hits Truck, Is Killed Checking Tragic. Sad. But the headline uses that twist.

Turning Wine Into Water ( Did you really do this CNN?)

A Human Billboard ( I think this headline could be better but it worked. This was sent in by a reader. Thanks.)

98 year old kills 100 year old roomate ( wish some of these were not so morbid)

Homeless Brothers in Line to Inherit Billions

Boy 4 Drinks Beer, Wants to Go to Jail

Pastor- OK to Shoplift (a couple of days before Christmas this one from MSN)

Surfer Dude Stuns Physicists with Theory of Everything

Monks Serve Up Booze, Hip Hop ( OK that’s it, I think I’ve made my point. )

Update– Still see these daily– like this ( note the sensitive subject is serious- the headline actually gets attention for good.)

Homeless in the Shadow of The Happiest Place

OK here is another as I update this batch of content once more

Tony Robbins tweeted this as a headline and it’s good- doesn’t get much better than this

48 Year Old Grandmother Breaks World Record with 40 Hour 68 mile Swim in Shark Infested Waters

It’s interesting to watch for these kinds of headlines. They are everywhere.

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