marketing charlotte nc Kyle Whitford Media and Marketing produces logos for print and digital advertising.

The Charlotte based company uses a spectrum of media tools including SEO – search engine optimization, websites, blogging, newsletters, news and media releases, and logo conception.

A memorable logo is a vital part of a strong image.
Notice the well known iconic logos that have been a part of mainstream, sustainable, marketing and one pattern almost always stands out- simplicity.

A logo represents a company or organization’s ‘at a glance’ image. It conveys meaning and has come to symbolize a foundational position.

marketing charlotte ncKyle Whitford Media and Marketing has played a role in the creation of logos for many companies and organizations over the past few decades.

There are three main areas of consideration when designing or refreshing a logo for your company or organization.

One- Meaning- what does your logo mean? Will it convey your intended meaning to the target audience?

Two- Simplicity- Will your logo stand the test of time? Is it simple enough, yet, recognizable and can it stand alone in various scenarios?

Three- Association– Closely related to ‘ meaning’,the mental association that goes with a logo is an important part of it’s overall effectiveness. What does the shape and size convey? Are there negative implications that need to be understood and changed? Are there unintended cross promotions with an already established logo that need to go?

It is a good idea to try your logo over a test period. Living with it for awhile can help you process the various layers of consideration needed to decide on your final logo. It will likely be around for some time.

Kyle Whitford- Charlotte SEO and marketing professional.