“The Coming Jobs War”

Jim Clifton ( CEO Gallup)

This book is full of interesting facts. Jim Clifton writes in his usual easy going and down to earth style. Don’t let his simple language fool you. Clifton  means business and is drawing a definite line in the sand.

Jobs have disappeared.

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We need to create jobs by finding customers. When the dust of politics, education, technology, and tradition clears, it all comes down to a few simple ideas.

1- Visionary ‘go getters’ absolutely change the world.
2- They are pretty much the only ones who get things done.
3- We are depending on about 10,000 of them in America. That’s it.
4- The economic future of America is in grades K through 12 right now.
5- If the US doesn’t rise to this occasion, China is poised to slam dunk world influence through economic ownership.
6-Jim’s vision for what to do, when to do it, and who should do it, is clear and simple.

Being a self starter makes all the difference in the world, literally.

Being lulled into a state of lethargy has ruined us ( as a country) more than we can measure.

I realize the following statement is being used loosly all over the news, talk shows,and in hallways, but, the great American dream IS over. Having a family, a home, a working wage, and a stable community is no longer the goal. Having a job has, for the first time in our history, replaced the old dream. Just having a job. That translates to 30 hours of work per week earning a decent wage.

Here is the point-

This is so simple. “America re-wins the world by taking the country’s entrepreneurship and innovation up a notch. But that can be accomplished only with the assistance of effective local tribal leaders. Americans have to read the game film right- and as of now, they’re not. Few people recognize the importance of cities, much less the importance of tribal leaders. If your city is failing, it is likely because you have weak leadership and little talent, commitment, and money resources from your tribal leaders. ( click here for my review of Tribal Leadership.) Talented and effective local tribal leaders are essential to cities. Their mentorship is essential to the people who create jobs.”

Individuals are the global economy.

“Gallup has conducted deep advanced analysis on all the data from Gallup’s US and World Polls. We’ve studied all the macroeconomic data on job creation from virtually every corner of the Earth. We’ve analyzed all the material on the trends of world economics and consulted with the foremost thought leaders. Gallup is fairly sure that we have turned over more rocks and studied more data in infinite combinations- that we have watched more global game film than any institution in the world on the subject of job creation. ”

Clifton then explains how to create the needed jobs that could be a real game changer for the US and the rest of the world. Why the US? Because it’s perfectly suited and positioned, right now, but not for long.

This book is special because of Jim Clifton.  As CEO of Gallup he is uniquely qualified to synthesize the vast and varied numbers that guide and unfold the shocking story. But, Jim is too savvy to be led only by numbers. His understanding of the humanity behind the digits distills into an uncommon wisdom.

Two Thumbs up

I recommend that every person in any leadership position read , study, and apply this book. Local school board members to politicians, business owners, workers, clergy, and national leaders , and even Charlotte SEO’s can all find common ground here.